Apple Begins Pushing Out iBooks for iPhone

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iPhone users with early access to iOS 4 have been reporting that Apple began pushing out the iPhone version of the iBooks reader on Friday. The app gives iPhone users access to iBookstore publications, just like the iPad.

Like the iPad version of iBooks, the iPhone app includes a copy of Winnie the Pooh.

So far, it looks like users aren’t having any luck installing iBooks on the iPhone 3G, so this may be an app that requires at least an iPhone 3GS, according to Engadget. iPhone and iPod touch owners that aren’t running iOS 4 currently don’t have access to iBooks, although Apple has promised a June release.

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Is this in the USA only? No love up in Canada yet for this iPhone 3GS user that is updated with iOS 4.


According to commenters on TUAW, this is most likely the iPad version being mistaken for the not yet released iPhone version.


Agreed. I must stop jumping when it’s time to hop. Ha Ha.


Come on Apple, just enable it for 3G users.
I’m getting an iPhone 4, but throw me a bone and let me read with iBooks while I wait for the second global shipment in July… which is your fault!

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