Apple Begins Shipping New iPads

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Apple has already begun shipping new iPad orders. Several readers reported receiving shipping notifications for orders placed on Wednesday, confirmed by a notification we also received.

Apple announced the device on Wednesday, March 7th, and the company is officially launching it on Friday, March 16th. To that end, our tracking number shows that it is scheduled to be delivered on the 16h, even though it shipped today.

If past product launches are any indication, FedEx will be holding these shipments until the day of delivery, but a few will end up slipping out early.

New iPad Shipping Notification

Apple’s Shipping Notification for New iPad

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I trust that it won’t be like the release of the first iPad, where I anxiously followed the tracking info each step of the way from somewhere in China.


Mine is already coming by UPS and yes I am tracking it all the way from China. It hit Anchorage, AK saturday. Kinda fun to watch.


when I ordered mine the delivery date was 19 march. but I’ve just received notice that the unit has shipped from china and will be here on 16 march. hooray.


Mine has been in Louisville KY since Saturday.

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