Apple Blocking Some iPhone Apps in China

Apple appears to be excluding some applications from its App Store in China. The missing applications include references to the Dalai Lama and Rebiya Kadeer, and is likely a requirement imposed on Apple by the Chinese government, according to PC World.

The blocked apps all relate to exiled spiritual leaders.

Apple isn't the first technology company to censor online content to comply with China laws. Google -- the company with the "do no evil" business model -- already blocks pornographic and many politically-related search results in China. According to the Internet search company, it must comply with China's laws and regulations to offer its services in the country.

This also isn't the first time Apple found itself on China's censor list. During the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the government temporarily blocked access to the iTunes Store after Apple started selling a pro-Tibet album.

While succumbing to China's censorship may be a disappointment, it is also an unfortunate side effect of doing business in the country. Until the country's government changes its policies, companies like Apple and Google will be forced to comply if they want to do business in China -- and its citizens will be forced to find ways around the country's firewalls to gain access to blocked content.