Apple Bringing iAd to Video

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Apple may be working on a plan to bring its iAd mobile advertising program to videos distributed to iOS devices like the iPhone, iPad and potentially Apple TV, too. The company is apparently looking at launching the iAd in videos service in the next few months, according to unnamed sources, as a way to make it easier for content creators to generate revenue from their videos.

According to GigaOM, video creators will be able to push their own ads into content viewed on iOS devices. Apple will act as an ad network, too, so video publishers don’t have to create their own ad content if the don’t want to.

Since the service will give producers and distributors a way to insert their own ads into video streams, it may become a tool for enticing broadcast networks into bringing more content to Apple TV. Apple’s current rental and purchase model doesn’t generate as much revenue for networks as commercial advertising does, so they may see the new iAd feature as a way to bring in even more cash.

Apple is said to be planning on launching its iAd for video service in early 2011. The company hasn’t confirmed the reports, or even if it’s working on a video iAd service.

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I’m tired of all the advertising. It used to be the only time ads were shown was during breaks in programming. Now, we can’t get away from all sorts of garbage on the screen during the programming. I really get mad when a stupid ad covers the bottom half of the screen when I’m watching a show. It isn’t even subliminal anyway, it’s in your face! I bought a new AppleTV and I like it but I use it to watch things that will have either very short ads or none at all. Charge me for a subscription service, just don’t shove a bunch of stupid ads at me all the time. I never thought about jailbreaking any Apple device but if this happens, I’m ready for a Click-to-iAds application for my iOS devices.

Lee Dronick

If I am paying for the content then I don’t want to see or hear any ads. For free content, well the ads are the price we pay for viewing.


“Apple?s current rental and purchase model doesn?t generate as much revenue for networks as commercial advertising does…”

Perhaps not for long, as the number of viewers of commercial TV keeps dropping and the remaining viewing becomes even more fragmented.

Perhaps Apple could give people the choice of lower prices + ads or higher price and no ads. That worked pretty well for several websites I’ve used. (It’s something TMO should consider, as well. I’d buy a premium membership that got rid of all ads.)


I really get mad when a stupid ad covers the bottom half of the screen when I?m watching a show.

Oh I HATE that. They started out as little ‘bugs’ in the corner and evolved into these monstrosities.
One channel In watch is especially bad. The bottom 1/3 to half of the screen will get covered randomly with 15-30 second ads for upcoming programs. Hello that’s where all the characters and action is going on. Block what I’m trying to watch now with an ad for the next show and I’ll be LESS likely to watch the next show.

Put a commercial before the show, fine. But once the show starts leave me alone. Make your commercials too obnoxious and I’ll start getting my programming off the web where there are no commercials at all.

Lee Dronick

It?s something TMO should consider, as well. I?d buy a premium membership that got rid of all ads.

The MacObserver isn’t bad regarding ads, in my opinion it is quite good and one of the reasons I hang out here. The ads are generally Apple product related, items of interest to me. Furthermore they are not in my face with garish colors flashing 120 times a minute, no autoplay audio. It doesn’t look like a casino, the design and layout is pleasing. No Netflix pop-unders.

Would I pay for ad free content here? Depends on the price and the content.


Yes TMO is not bad.
When I go to ScienceNews, now THAT’S obnoxious. The page loads and then a Telus wireless ad folds out of the bottom of the page and starts playing video with full sound set on loud. (YMMV if you’re not in Canada you’ll likely see a different ad.) I’ve started skipping the site just because of that ad.


The only model content providers will settle for is $$+ads. Ultimately, that’s where everything ends up. It’s inevitable.


ADVERTISING sucks. Advertising is why I don’t watch TV. This “ad model"is one of the worst aspects of american bullsh*t greed.
  There was a time that our TV didn’t have to be based on ad revenue but noooooo. And now TV is just crap. FM used to be “free” of advertising. The web used to be free of advertising. The phones used to be free of advertising.
There is NO socially redeeming value for advertising to exist, NONE. In this informational age I would think anybody over the age of 6 knows how to research on the web IF and WHEN they need to acquire a product. PSA’s should be the only thing allowed on TV.
Til then, the greedy snake oil salesmen will still try to bother us with “useless information” (as Mick said 44 years ago) because apparently there are a lot of suckers out there that don’t mind being insulted every 5 minutes with bullsh*t. But I will never play that game, sorry you (ad) guys lose.


Ad was probably designed for HDTV from the start
It really feels like iAd was targeted at big screen TVs from the start, then shrunk down to iPad and iPhone screen dimensions.

That may be why it takes so long to get iAd approval from Apple: your iAd should look good on all screen sizes. Of course, Apple can’t say it in so many words because Steve wants to be the one to tell the world about iAd on big-screen TV, not some whiney ad agency account manager.

And, ultimately, I fear iAds will are headed to Macs. It’s completely obvious and inevitable that iAd should come to Apple TV. But maybe next week’s 10.7 announcement will include iAds on Mac OS X apps as well.

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