Apple CEO Loses Throwing Stars in Japan Airport

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Apple CEO Steve Jobs was blocked from bringing Ninja throwing stars onto his private jet in Japan in July. Apparently the throwing stars were found in his luggage at a security checkpoint as he was heading home from a family vacation, according to Bloomberg.

Japanese security officials confiscated the throwing stars, also known as shuriken, and threw them away because the airport doesn’t distinguish between private and commercial airline passengers.

Mr. Jobs attempted to persuade officials to let him keep the stars by saying it wouldn’t make any sense to hijack his own plane, but the agents weren’t buying into his argument.

Presumably Mr. Jobs has now failed one of the first tests of Ninja school: don’t get caught.

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Isn’t this story a little ridiculous in the amount of press it’s getting. I put my keys in the airport security bin forgetting I had an engraved pocket knife that was a groomsmen’s gift and it didn’t make international press.


Should have put them in his checked bags! wink

Lee Dronick

Flash dodged a star on that one.


This is why Execs go to reliever airports, just so they don’t have to fight with airport security. When I lived in Minnesota we saw many heavy twins and Biz-jets going into the Anoka Airport. There they could drive right out on the ramp to their plane and take a samurai sward onboard if they wanted.

Are these even legal to own in California? Maybe Japanese security kept him from an even bigger problem with Customs when he landed.


Also note that this story is being denied by Apple.  While the airport has confirmed that a *similar* incident occurred, there’s no confirmation at all that the person in question was Jobs.

Just for the record.


Perhaps it was Fake Steve Jobs

Though that’s a good point Voice. We are taking news reports at face value which is seldom a good idea.

Lee Dronick

Are these even legal to own in California?

No, at least by what I read in the law

In the past I have seen them for sale, but I don’t know if they are currently on the shelves.


And here I thought Apple’s secret team of rumor-silencing ninjas used sharpened throwing nanos.


No, they use the next generation super thin iPod known as the iPod Razor with it’s multi-purpose cutting edge technology (or is it bleeding edge??)


Should have put them in his checked bags! wink

I planned to check my bags on my latest trip, but then I discovered that you have to pay $25 per bag for that! (I havne’t flown in a couple years, but it used to be one bag free.)  So then the security guys found the mini-leatherman on the keys, so I had to mail it home.

I really don’t like airport security.  This Japanese case just reinforces that.

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