Apple CEO Steve Jobs Agrees to Official Biography

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Apple’s notoriously secretive CEO, Steve Jobs, has agreed to support an official biography of his life, and it will be penned by Walter Isaacson. iSteve: The Book of Jobs is scheduled of an early 2012 release through Simon & Schuster, according to ABC News.

Steve JobsApple CEO Steve Jobs speaking at a 2010 media event

Mr. Isaacson has a history of writing quality biographies and a reputation for his unbiased approach towards his subjects including Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin. He also served as a top executive at Time Magazine and CNN, and is currently the CEO of the nonpatisan educational and policy studies organization the Apsen Institute.

“Just as he did with Einstein and Benjamin Franklin, Walter Isaacson is telling a unique story of revolutionary genius,” commented Simon & Schuster publisher Jonathan Karp.

Mr. Jobs and Mr. Isaacson aren’t commenting on the biography, which fits with the CEO’s usual private stance on his life. Come early 2012, however, the public will finally be able to look behind that curtain and get a new glimpse into Mr. Jobs’s life.

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Mike Reagan

I can’t wait to read this biography.  Mr. Jobs is truly a unique, gifted, and brilliant man.  I am an Apple geek and probably always will be.  I want to come back as some kind of App and dwell in my iTunes library forever.


There will be something so appropriate, so fitting, so apt, about reading this on an iPad.


I want to come back as some kind of App and dwell in my iTunes library forever.

That has got to be the funniest quote of the day! If there’s any way I can give it a thumbs up, I will.
You, Sir, made me chuckle. Thanks.


That title is silly at best.  “I, Steve” would still impart the “i”-something theme of the past decade plus at Apple, and be more appropriate to a biography, though maybe it would impart too much of an “auto"biography intention.

John Dingler, artist

What company in which to be included! The Think Different ad campaign left out Ben Franklin.


There are two Steves.
One is a brilliant industrial designer of consumer electronic products; the other is a very private person who gives nothing away to anyone. I guess we’ll see which one features in the book. Maybe, hopefully, both.

I’ll certainly buy the electronic version so I can get all the updates too!

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