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Apple CEO Tim Cook was named the highest rated CEO in a new survey published by Glassdoor. The firm said that Mr. Cook received a 97 percent approval rating from Apple’s employees, beating out the second (Ernst & Young’s Jim Turley) and third (Qualcomm’s Paul E. Jacobs) ranked CEOs by two percentage points.

“While many speculated how [Tim] Cook would be received by employees and how he would lead the tech giant, he seems to have settled in quite nicely,” the firm wrote in its announcement. “One Apple Employee (Cupertino, CA) comments, ’ think leadership is doing an amazing job. We have the best management team anywhere.’”

Mr. Cook also beat his iconic predecessor, the late Steve Jobs, by two points. Glassdoor noted that Mr. Jobs’s cumulative rating was also 97 percent, but that his rating between March of 2010 and March of 2011 was the 95% to which Tim Cook is compared in the chart below. In 2008, Apple employees gave Mr. Jobs a 91 percent approval rating.

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Glassdoor Chart

Source: Glassdoor

Glassdoor pointed out the technology world was over-represented in the top 25, with ten CEOs. This includes Apple’s Tim Cook, Google’s Larry Page (#5 in the overall list), and HP’s newly installed CEO Meg Whitman. Mrs. Whitman was the only woman to make either list.

Glassdoor Chart

Source: Glassdoor

Glassdoor said that the report is based on current CEOs with at least 100 ratings from their own employees over the year-long period from March 16, 2011, though March 15, 2012.



I’m curious about the methodology Glassdoor used, as the survey shows remarkable improvements for some CEO’s (eg: from 83% to 95%, or from 75% to 90%). Questions include…

1. How many employees were surveyed for each company?
2. Was this survey voluntary…and perhaps less valid than a random survey with a large enough sample?
3. Did management “encourage” employees to vote more positively?

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