Apple Claims 300 Million Apple Store Visitors in Fiscal 2012

Nearly 300 million people worldwide have visited an Apple store since October 2011. That’s nearly the entire population of the United States. Through only 375 stores. That’s an average of 800,000 people per store. If the number is current through July 2012, that’s 80,000 people per store per month. Whew!

On top of that, The Loop reported that Apple said 50,000 people per day get some kind of service from a Genius Bar. More math breaks that down to 133 folks per store per day, astounding throughput.

The comments were made during store opening events that saw the 374th and 375th Apple Stores opening. Both locations opened up in Canada.

Photo of busy Genius Bar

An Apple Store Genius Bar

Apple’s retail stores have been credited for playing a large role in Apple’s success since they first began opening in 2001. The company’s first store was in McLean, VA, the Tyson’s Corner Apple Store, and since then Apple has grown its stores into the world’s most profitable and valuable retail operation.