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Apple announced on Monday that it sold three million of the company’s new iPad since it shipped on Friday, March 16th—the company announced the device on March 7th.

“The new iPad is a blockbuster with three million sold―the strongest iPad launch yet,” Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing, said in a meeting. “Customers are loving the incredible new features of iPad, including the stunning Retina display, and we can’t wait to get it into the hands of even more customers around the world this Friday.”

UBS analyst Maynard Um issued a research note to his clients saying, “The initial run-rate of new iPad sales is impressive (although it does include ~9 days of pre-orders). Apple has sold ~750k new iPads per day since launch on Friday. If there are no supply shortages, this would imply a run rate of ~12 million new iPads between launch and the end of the quarter (this does not include sales of iPad 2).”

Apple CEO Tim Cook was asked by an analyst during a conference call Monday morning how many iPads the company sold. Mr. Cook replied that Apple had a record iPad weekend, but didn’t provide specific numbers. The company’s announcement on Monday afternoon clarified with the specifics.

Three million iPads sold in one weekend is a fantastic result for Apple. In comparison, the company sold 15.4 million iPads during the entire December quarter, which included Christmas sales and one extra week for the company’s fiscal year.

Mr. Um maintained his “Buy” rating on shares of AAPL, as well as his $675 price target on the stock. AAPL ended the day Monday at a record high of $601.10, before iPad sales were announced.

[Update: The article was updated with additional information. - Editor]

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Bryan, I feel a flashback coming on…

June 3, 2011 TMO - Adobe CEO: iPad’s Days are Numbered

Adobe’s CEO proving his ignorance less than a year ago, and some of Bosco at his finest!! Fun reading for anyone who wants to take a look. Hello? Bosco? Where are you?

Sorry Bryan, I can’t help myself sometimes. But I’ve been pretty good lately, haven’t I?



Sorry Bryan, I can?t help myself sometimes. But I?ve been pretty good lately, haven?t I?

Count me in as well. But then again, we haven’t had utterly ridiculous predictions of the demise of iOS to respond to lately, either!

As for your flashback, a few comments: Yes, Adobe’s CEO was clearly wrong, as were any and all comments (not…naming…names….) regarding the superiority of Flash. I hate Flash. I hated Flash when it was Macromedia’s, and I still hate it today. I hate creating anything in Flash, and yet that’s what I have to do for an online banner ad. Blech.

Yet I love Adobe. Without Apple and Adobe, I’d have no profession. I live by Creative Suit on OS X, and I’m psyched about signing up for the Creative Suite v6 $50/mo rental service when it debuts later this year. I’ve used Illustrator since 1991, and to this day every design project I do starts there, uses Photoshop, then (if print) used InDesign, which blew Quark out of the water so many years ago I lost count, but I think the most valuable company on the planet was “beleaguered” back then.

Long time ago…..

Point is, given that just about every designer uses Adobe tools of one sort or another, they don’t need Flash to thrive. Time to move on, and they are with HTML5 authoring tools. I look forward to trying them as soon as Creative Suite 6 is ready for rental.

‘Cause there’s no way I can afford the $2000+ sticker price for the whole thing!

other side

Bryan- Great graphic.  Hopefully it’s not prescient.

Nobody wants Apple to lose sight of itself, behind its own mountain of cash.  The way GM, MS, and so many others did.

John Molloy

I will point out that Bosco was remarkably prescient with his “Android will take the digital picture frame market” he was right that Apple didn’t manage to take that hotspot of digital technology.

(if you ignore the button on the home screen of every iPad, of course.)


I hate creating anything in Flash, and yet that?s what I have to do for an online banner ad. Blech.

Have you tried Edge?  Much better than Flash for making animated/interactive banner ads.

video demonstrations:


For the record, I was not encouraging picking on anyone in particular.  Oh wait, maybe I was.  Sad thing is, it is not as much fun to gang up on the bully when the bully is hiding.  Judging from one of the few posts that I see from him anymore, he is much less vocal about criticisms of Apple, so I guess we have to take that small victory.

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