Apple Cleans Up in Adweek Best of the Decade Awards

Adweek's Best of the Decade Awards list is out, and Apple appears several times. Apple shows up with three nods for its ad campaigns, along with Steve Jobs as marketer of the decade, Apple as brand of the decade, the iPod for product of the decade, and a few readers choice spots, too.

Apple earned the honor of campaign of the decade for its iconic Get a Mac ads featuring John Hodgmann as PC and Justin Long as Mac. "That series of 60-plus ads brought some humanity into the equation by turning the machines into live-action cartoons. In so doing, the comic spots offer transparent understanding of the aspirations of its audience and how people identify -- and connect emotionally -- with technology," Adweek said.

The familiar iPod silhouettes campaign earned Apple the out-of-home ad of the decade. The ad campaign "didn't just brand the iPod—it immortalized it. Eschewing a workaday product shot, "Silhouettes" shows the frenetic happiness caused by the product—in a series of literal silhouettes, freeze-frame shots of people dancing with their iPods in hand."

Marketer of the decade went to Apple CEO Steve Jobs for his guidance with the company's advertising agency TBWA\Chiat\Day. "Jobs knew that the iMac could well save the company he'd founded in 1976 -- but the new model was 12 months off," Adweek said. "Meanwhile, to let the world know Apple was not going away, Jobs needed a rallying cry -- something to remind the core following of Apple's rebel spirit. The result: Think Different."

Apple earned the title of Brand of the decade thanks to its emotional connection to customers. "Most brands are run by committee, but this one is the embodiment of a living, breathing person. Steve Jobs is Apple in the way that Richard Branson is Virgin. Of course it helps when you're a brilliant marketer who happens to be the CEO."

Product of the decade went to the music industry-changing iPod. "To date, more than 220 million iPods have been sold worldwide. The success is all the more amazing because Apple didn't invent the MP3 player—it redefined it," Adweek said. "Prior to the iPod launch, the devices on the market were ugly, weak and could barely hold one album."

Apple earned a few readers choice awards, too. Readers chose Steve Jobs as media executive of the decade over Adweek's choice of Rupert Murdoch, iPhone apps for marketing innovation of the decade over Adweek's viral videos choice, and the iPhone as the digital device/platform of the decade and product of the decade. Facebook won over the readers choice for digital device/platform of the decade.

Apple's appearance in several places on the list only helps to confirm what many have been saying for years: Apple knows how to play the marketing game. Adweek's full list of winners is available at the Best of the 2000s Web site.