Apple Complains to Twitter About Jobs Parody

Twitter has received a complaint from Apple about the popular Steve Jobs parody account @ceoSteveJobs. The social networking site has asked the owner of the account to change the name of it, in addition to indicating it is a parody in the description, which the user has already done.

The account owner, who asked TechCrunch to call him “Christof,” told the news site that many Steve Jobs Twitter handles with the word “fake” in them are already taken. He also noted: “Most parody doesn’t blatantly label itself. That takes away the fun and the magic of it. If @bpglobalpr had been @fakebp, it wouldn’t have caught on nearly as fast and might never have been as funny. Once you got the joke, the fact that it felt like it was really coming from BP made it all the funnier.”

Twitter declined to comment on this specific situation, and Apple did not respond to the reporter. The @ceoSteveJobs account currently has over 370,000 followers and describes itself as: “More than meets the i. As you should expect from a parody account.”

In accordance with all good parody, the tweets are not far removed from the subject’s actual way of speaking, such as the latest one: “We have created for the first time in all history, a garden of pure ideology. Introducing the Mac App Store.”