Apple Confirms iPad Eating into Mac Sales

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New Mac sales for Apple’s third fiscal quarter hit 3.95 million, up 14 percent year over year, but they could’ve been higher if at least some buyers hadn’t chosen an iPad instead. Apple COO Tim Cook confirmed that the iPad has been eating into Mac sales during the company’s third quarter earnings report on Tuesday.

The revelation comes as a surprise not only because Mr. Cook actually confirmed one of the company’s products is impacting sales of another, but also because Apple hasn’t ever said before today that such a thing has happened.

iPad to MacBook Air: Om Nom NomiPad eating into Mac sales

Apple sold some 9.25 million iPads during the quarter, topping analyst estimates. With more than a year’s worth of sales, Apple can now compare year over year growth, and for the iPad that number is up 183 percent.

Losing some Mac sales to the iPad doesn’t, however, mean that Apple’s desktop and laptop computer line is languishing. With a 14 percent increase in sales compared to the same quarter last year, Mac growth is still dramatically outpacing the PC industry as a whole.

The company is expected to release new MacBook Air models soon, too, especially since it will be releasing the next version of OS X, Lion, on Wednesday. Despite speculation, Apple didn’t say when new Mac models would ship.


Lee Dronick

I have an iMac, a MacBook Pro, an iPad 2, and an iPhone 3GS. Each has their own pros and cons, their own best uses. I very much use and enjoy my iPad, but it is no complete replacement for a Mac. Of course other people’s milage will vary.

David B

This applies to me

My MacBook is getting a little older and I debated buying a new one or getting an iPad 2.  I ended up maxing out the ram on the MacBook holding onto it and getting the iPad 2


We just got an iPad2 (I’m typing on it right now in fact). I can see most of my wife’s stuff going to the iPad from her MacBook. A couple of things can’t, accounting mostly, but most can.  On the other hand after playing with the iPad for a few days now I like it but I can see that I’ll still need a MacBook. I even thought about an iPad/iMac system but no I still need a portable Mac for a lot of what I do, writing on the road with a real keyboard, running VM Windows and Linux systems for testing in the field, viewing training videos on a 15” screen while away from my desk, playing Portal2 fed to my 42” TV.  Unless Apple releases a iPad Pro in the next year like a few rumors are suggesting, I’ll be replacing my current MacBook with a MacBook Pro next year.


@ geoduck ? and possibly others:

When you say you need a real keyboard, do you mean a Bluetooth keyboard wouldn’t be sufficient?

Is it really a tactile keyboard that you prefer, or is the mouse/pointer the issue in writing on an iPad (or other iDevice)?


When you say you need a real keyboard, do you mean a Bluetooth keyboard wouldn?t be sufficient?

It might, haven’t tried one. The keyboard is just one of the niggling bits. If I could do the rest it might do. Right now though I like the iPad, it’s ideal for what it does, e-mail, web, games, some apps, what I need to do is a bit outside the scope. Mostly particular Apps haven’t been ported.

It’s like when I owned my Mini Cooper. What it did it did VERY well, and I loved her, but in the end I NEEDED a pickup truck. So that’s what I have now. Nowhere near as much fun or as efficient, and I don’t like it as well, but I need to haul lumber more than I need to zing up twisty mountain roads


An addendum:
I just noticed that the new Mac Mini Server comes with dual 500Gb drives, and a 2Ghz quad core i7 processor. Hmmm… One of those, plus <$200 for a display, plus an iPad with keyboard would be less than the cost of the maxed out 15” MacBook Pro that I was thinking about.

Decisions, decisions…..


2 words - Halo effect.  People who need computers are choosing Macs after using the iPhone and iPad.  You have to consider that the halo effect is contributing to mac sales and not hurting them.

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