Apple Confirms Security VP “Investigating Retirement”

Apple Security VP "Retires"Following rumors that Apple’s vice president of global security, John Theriault, was no longer with the company, the official word from Cupertino is out that he retired, according to AllThingsD. Word surfaced late last week that Mr. Theriault was gone, and that the departure was related to missing iPhone 4S prototype hunt where his search team may have posed as San Francisco police officers.

The incident involved the hunt for a lost iPhone 4S prototype that Apple security tracked to a San Francisco house. They were allowed into the house by Sergio Calderon, who later said he thought the men were police and wouldn’t have let them in if he’d known otherwise.

San Francisco police were on hand during the search, and now the law enforcement agency is conducting an investigation into what happened that day. Apple is apparently conducting its own investigation, too, and has been in contact with Mr. Calderon.

Adding salt to the wound, the missing iPhone prototype wasn’t recovered.

Despite the speculation that Mr. Theriault was pushed out for improperly handling the lost iPhone hunt, Apple is sticking with its official word that he retired.