Apple Considering 99-Cent TV Shows?


Apple is in negotiations to offer more standard-definition TV series episodes for US$0.99 each, rather than the $1.99 they currently sell for, when the iPad launches next month, according to the Wall Street Journal. The publication noted that Apple is already selling episodes of some series, such as MTV’s “Wonder Showzen,” for $0.99; that fact was confirmed.

Apple was interested in monthly subscription plans for some TV shows, but those talks apparently stalled, the Wall Street Journal said. While it can be quite expensive to purchase an entire season of a TV series, especially in high definition, where episodes are $2.99 each, the Wall Street Journal noted that “it's also one of the reasons why media companies and cable operators have not felt threatened by the offerings.”

The publication’s sources said Apple wants to “ignite the video part of iTunes” by lowering prices, given its small contribution to the online store’s revenues.