Apple Creative Services Video for Steve Jobs’s 30th Birthday

When Apple cofounder Steve Jobs passed away on October 5th, there was an outpouring of grief, remembrances, and tributes to the iconic tech exec. We linked to a lot of it on that day, but during this past weekend we realized there was one video that got lost in the sheer volume of material that flooded the Internet. The video was made by Apple Creative Services in 1985 for Steve Jobs’s 30th birthday, and it includes some video clips and imagery we hadn’t seen before.

The video was posted to Facebook the day Mr. Jobs passes away by Craig Elliott, an Apple employee who worked at the company from 1985 to 1996. Chris Espinoza, a member of the original Mac team, tweeted a link to it the same day, but as we mentioned it didn’t get much attention. It was then posted to YouTube, as seen below.

Highlights include the folks at Apple Creative Services finding an image of Steve Jobs that closely matches Bob Dylan’s profile from the famous psychedelic poster designed by Milton Glaser.

Steve Jobs & Bob Dylan

Frame from Steve Jobs 30th Birthday video

At the end, there are also a few seconds from an Apple promotional video where Steve Jobs is in character.

Steve Jobs as ?

Steve Jobs in Character?

Another interesting aspect of the video is that it was made just a few months before Steve Jobs and then-Apple CEO John Sculley headed to a board room showdown that resulted in Mr. Jobs’s ouster from the company he cofounded. The two are featured together in a couple of photos shown in the video, and a note on YouTube specified that Mr. Sculley is the one who commissioned the video to be made.

Celebratory video for Steve Jobs’s 30th birthday