Apple Discontinues 20” Cinema Display

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Apple 20" Cinema Display

Apple has discontinued the 20" Cinema Display, and pulled the unit from its online Apple Store. The action leaves Apple's 24" LED backlit displays and 30" Cinema Display as its sole standalone displays.

In a bulletin published by AppleInsider, the company told sales and service channels, "With immediate effect, the following products are 'End of Life' (EOL); Apple 20" Cinema Display. All backlog will be cancelled and there is no automatic order conversion."

AI also noted that the same distributor that supplied Apple's EOL notification has also run out of 30" Cinema Displays, though that may be coincidental. There has not been an EOL notification for the 30" Cinema Display, though it was first introduced in September of 2004.

We have long expected Apple to introduce an LED-backlit version of its 30" display, though Samsung is one of the few companies to have actually brought such a product to market (US$3,411.53 from Amazon) Apple's 30" Cinema Display remains largely unchanged since its introduction more than four years ago.

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hello all, im new here…but I want to ask one thing..what do you think about apple, are they giving up pro apps..there’s no talk at all about fcs 3…every place I see say cs4 cs4..and how better it is then fcp..will there be a fcs3…and what about snow leopard what’s going with that?


Try posting in the TMO Forums, the link is in the banner.




20” displays are still shown on my local on-line store.
If you want one you’ll need to re-locate to New Zealand!

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