Apple Discontinuing Xserve in January 2011

Apple quietly announced that its Xserve rack-mount server will be riding into the sunset come January, 2011. Moving forward, customers will have the option of buying a Mac Pro or Mac mini with Mac OS X Server pre-installed.

The Xserve is Apple’s pro-level server product. It includes Mac OS X Server, three hot-swappable drive bays, an option for a redundant power supply, and takes up 1U or rack space.

Apple leaves the enterprise again

Apple noted “Since its introduction in the fall of 2009, Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server hasbecome Apple’s most popular server system.”

The company will continue to sell its rack-mount server product through January 31, 2011, and will continue to honor warranties and support contracts.

Apple published a Transition Guide in PDF format detailing the options for users that want to move from an Xserve to a different Mac system. The guide is available for download at Apple’s Xserve Web page.