Apple Doubles Time Capsule Storage Capacity

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Apple quietly released updates to its Time Capsule Wi-Fi based data storage system on Thursday. The new versions offer twice the capacity as the models they replace, but without increasing the price.

The US$299 model now includes 1TB of storage instead of 500GB, and the $499 model sports 2TB, up from 1TB. The new models also include dual-band Wi-Fi and Guest Networking support.

The higher capacity Time Capsule are available now at the Apple Web site.



Wow…now they’re only $150?$200 overpriced. Drive space is now a commodity. Even when you throw it into a dual-band wireless router. In fact, more so, since buying a dual band wireless router with storage in it is like pairing a dvd with a tv player…some things are better separated.

Lee Dronick

buying a dual band wireless router with storage in it is like pairing a dvd with a tv player?some things are better separated.

About a month ago I bought I new AirPort to replace my UFO style AirPort. I considered a Time Capsule, but opted for the AirPort because I could add an external hard drive to it and swap it out the drive when I need more storage.

I was getting a lot of R/F interference on the old AirPort, that has not been a problem with the new one.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Time is a commodity too, more precious than hard disk space. The Time Capsule is really simple. I have the 500GB version. One thing I really like about it is that when I go on the road to the near-Tahoe vacation spot for a week or so, I stick this in my stylish messenger bag and have my router and backup with me. It also supports an external hard disk, which can be used as a Time Machine disk or to back up the Time Capsule.

Lee Dronick

Good point Bosco. The Time Capsule is self-contained and I do hate the flying spaghetti monster of cables.


now they?re only $150?$200 overpriced

Okay, I’ll bite: Point me to a $300-350 2 TB NAS plus a dual independent radio 802.11n router with 4 gigE ethernet ports plus printer sharing that’s Time Machine compatible.

I’m anxiously awaiting your reply…

Tik Tok

At some point, Time Machine will fill virtually any drive with incremental backups, dropping off older versions as it moves forward.  Unless you have a simply massive amount of data on the computer(s) you use with Time Machine and a Time Capsule, the need for a 2TB container will not provide more than a longer time period of those incremental backups being preserved at a time.  I guess the time will come when we all will have enough hard drive space on our computers to need 2TB to hold a backup (which doesn’t include applications), my guess is that the newest addition to Time Capsule will be of limited value to most.

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