Apple Dumps SurfaceInk Over Competition Concerns

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Apple and SurfaceInk have gone separate ways following the small engineering design company’s move into creating more products for Apple’s competitors, according to the New York Times. SurfaceInk recently demonstrated a tablet computer design of its own, which may have played some part in Apple’s decision to stop working with the company.

SurfaceInk CEO, Eric Bauswell, said he thinks Apple decided to break off relations because of his company’s growing turnkey design business. “I think they view our capabilities as an opportunity for competitors,” he said.

Along with Apple, SurfaceInk has also done design work for the likes of HP and Palm.

Apple’s decision to stop working with SurfaceInk ended a ten year relationship between the two companies. Apple chose not to comment on the situation.

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I’m curious about the tablet Surface Ink debuted. Was it too similar to the iPad for Apple’s taste? The article reads as though that demo was the straw that broke the camel’s back.


Business relationships with a human face or Clarity in Business Discourse.

1. Mates (married couples): ?M$ & Yahoo vis-?-vis Bing; ?M$ & You Tube
2. Divorcee/Divorc?e (pl): (Spouses & discarded Concubines) ?Apple & Google, ?Apple & Adobe (flash),  ?Apple & SurfaceInk
3. F Buddies: ?Apple and M$ vis-?-vis Spindler & the family jewels
4. One Night Stands:  ?M$ & IBM vis-?-vis OS2
5. Drunken Orgies: ?M$ & Dell & HP & Sony . . . ad nauseam

Might need tweaking, now and then.


Hahaha, mhikl, that post was a beauty! smile

The Spindler/family jewels was the only reference that vaguely rings a bell for me… can you refresh my memory on what that was all about?

FWIW: I think Apple/Adobe and Apple/Google may be divorced, but they’re still sleeping together. Because it’s convenient for one or the other in both situations.


xmattingly, here goes;

I don?t ever remember details, only the juice parts which somehow suffer embellishment and occasional confusion, . . . (example of confusion: my mistake- got my S?s mixed up so substitute Sculley for Spindler - sorry Michael S)

Characters: Colourful Players, Three Stooges caught up in spy business, and one Philosopher-Prophet

Sculley: (deals in silver pieces), pre-pre-Amelio
Amelio: (likes to push people under water - one without head), pre-Jobs (actually nice guy according to his little book on life at Apple)
Saint Jobs: (another water walker who braved resurrection)
Philosopher Bill: (keratinized pointy things on head and goatee, prone to opening mouth with humorous results - banana idiom a favourite, 640k prophesy, truly stunning) 

Plot: Sale of Family Jewels

Sculley did some give-a-way of GUI techie stuff (circa mid-80s) for MS?s continued word pro - spread sheet software development from Bill Gates for which MS got to use much of the neat stuff Apple bought (for a barrel of Apple stock) from Xerox PARC circa 1979.
Hope this helps.

(see: for boring rendition)


FWIW: I think Apple/Adobe and Apple/Google may be divorced, but they?re still sleeping together. Because it?s convenient for one or the other in both situations.

It’s a sleazy world.

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