Apple Employees Contribute Video for “It Gets Better” Project

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[2nd Update: The video has been restored by YouTube and is available below. - Editor]

[Update: YouTube pulled the video, and we posted a followup story with the details. - Editor]

Apple employees have contributed a video for the “It Gets Better” project, an LGBT support group working to tell bullied kids that it gets better.

The video includes testimonials and stories from self-identified homosexual and transgender Apple employees talking about the bullying they received as children, including several tales of attempted or planned suicide. Those stories resolve to all the ways in which things improve, centered around the theme of “It gets better.”

According to its website, the project was founded in November of 2010, and includes similar submitted videos from President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Adam Lambert, Anne Hathaway, Colin Farrell, Matthew Morrison of “Glee”, Joe Jonas, Joel Madden, Ke$ha, Sarah Silverman, Tim Gunn, Ellen DeGeneres, Suze Orman, the staffs of The Gap, Google, Facebook, Pixar, the Broadway community, as well as lots of videos from less famous people.

It Gets Better video from Apple employees

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Not interested in this crap.


if you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem

Bryan Chaffin

I’m sorry, Adam. Next time I’ll check with you to see if you’re interested in a story before I post it.


Last time I visited this website, it was about Macs.  Now its about morality?  Good grief…

Bryan Chaffin

Adam, the last time you visited this site, it was about Apple. It turns out it still is.

When Apple does something, it gets attention, and this is true even when its employees do something when they’re given permission to self-identify as Apple employees.

Sometimes stories about Apple and its products involve politics, policy, legal actions, and even culture, and that stuff gets covered along with new Macs and iPhones, iPad leaks, iOS SDK news, etc.

This story, for instance, was covered at MacNN, TUAW, and Gizmodo, according to my quick check.

Here’s the thing: This story wasn’t of interest to many people. MOST stories are of interest to only a small subset of readers.

Every day I personally get confronted with scores of articles on the Internet that I’m not interested in. When that happens, I do something novel—I don’t read them.

What I do NOT do is expect the world to revolve around me.

It takes willful denial and stunning self-centeredness to pretend that this story is not newsworthy.


[edited due to what seemed like a glitch that lost my comment?presented again below)


Not interested in this crap.

Were you interested in the reporting on the crap about how Apple’s Japan stores went to substantial expense to take care of not only their employees, but also shoppers? That human-interest story probably had absolutely NO meaningful impact on anything related to your or my personal use of Apple products. But I definitely felt proud to know about it.

Likewise here, and more so, because it does address a very real and major issue in our culture: dark-ages ignorance persisting on issues of human relationships, and some Apple employees wanting to add their support to countless people (including some of your neighbors, coworkers, people in whatever religious or civic organizations you may take part in, etc.)

I find this substantially more meaningful than any month’s worth of TMO posts that fall under the “rumor” category.


Not interested in this crap.

Well, a happy coincidence for you, Adam. As soon as I left this page and went back to the contents, I found this:

Evidently YouTube’s on your side (on evidently no rational basis; quite the contrary.)


if you?re not part of the solution you?re part of the problem

You don’t want to start talking about solutions, because they involve observing to proper principles of life and morality that preserves humanity instead of leading to the extinction of it.  The false principles behind “homosexuality” lead to a dead end for humanity.  It is a parasite that can only perpetuate as long as there are people who continue to observe the true nature of humanity - procreation.

When a man can naturally produce a human egg, and that egg can receive fertilization by natural intercourse, and then can naturally give natural birth like a woman does (as God has so ordained and designed), then the merits of homosexuality can be visited.  Until then, “homosexuality” in ANY form is the problem, and you’re support of it is double the problem.


Adam, sweetheart, just stop digging ur hate hole deeper, seriously. U don’t like the video, just move on. REALLY, JUST DROP IT AND MOVE ON. Hate is a waste of time.


Dear Adam:
Hate is a waste of time, please just stop it, watch or don’t watch what u want, but just don’t put that energy in our world, please?

Thank you so much for posting!  And as for you, Adam, I’m sorry.  Hopefully…for you…it WILL GET BETTER!


but just don?t put that energy in our world, please?


See, and that’s what it has to get down to, doesn’t it?  Either you put your energy in my world or I put it in your’s.

My comments have nothing to do with the individuals in the video.  My comments have to do with feeding this problem with people arguing over incorrect principles.  If compassion is what you want, I have it and you are welcome to it.  Just don’t make it a sexual problem because it isn’t.

I am content with my position that you have no capacity to understand because you are sucked into the facade of sexuality being the root of being gay.  I think its definitely shameful for TMO to get involved in fueling the fire.


Congratulations, Apple staff, for this very touching and inspirational video. Not only do you produce incredibly wonderful products, but you’ve now used that same creativity and collaboration that underpin your IT success to contribute to this worthwhile project.  Your message - so stripped down and honest - will save so many lives!

Michelle Thomas

Thank you Apple for this. smile It shows that people do have souls. As for you, Adam, I hope you see the light one day and realize that spending your energy on hate and unnecessary conflict will only drain you and make you feel worse about your life. I’ll pray for you.


spending your energy on hate and unnecessary conflict will only drain you


Michelle Thomas, you clearly do not understand my position.  But if it makes you feel good, by all means pray all you want.  I don’t understand why anybody would go through such vanity personally.  At this point, no matter what I do to explain the position I have, you wouldn’t change your mind against me.  So, praying for me is probably the most vain thing you could do.


I think that most of you arguing about the morality of the video are missing the point.
Apple is a business…...a very successful business. They built their empire on quality products and brilliant marketing strategy. This video exhibits smart marketing. By getting folks to pay attention to it and discuss it, Apple gains sales. It’s no more complicated than that.


Not to pile on - Bryan and others have done it just fine - but Adam shows a tremendous interest (five comments and counting) in something he’s not interested in. The point here is that Apple is mining its own ranks to join in a message of positive change - regardless of whether or not it drives sales. Notice that there is no apple branding in this video. Adam: have you ever experienced that “darkest moment”? If not, take my word for it that this video is not only newsworthy - it could save lives.

Michelle Thomas

Adam you miss my point entirely. I do wish to understand what you’re saying, you simply make it hard. Your vanity rests in the belief that no one will understand you or care to, when such is far from the truth.



  I missed your point ENTIRELY?  Entirely, huh?  You accused me of posting hate and unnecessary conflict—a bold accusation I would of itself.  Was this part of your point or not even part of it?  It was certainly in your post.

  Was it your attempt to turn some focus on you?  Did you mean it to be a portal for me to ask you what you felt was necessary conflict these issues present?  If so, then please tell me.  Also, would you be interested in telling me what your “point” was so that I don’t miss it entirely?

Michelle Thomas

You seem to be quite upset Adam, so I’ll put this in kinder words. I never meant for you to ask me, I simply stated that I don’t see the point in bringing negtivity into a place that was clearly here to help others. I do wish to understand why it is that you wish to be so negative about such a post, not to have you understnd my point on the matter because I believe I made it quite clear when I adressed “Thank you for this”, but it seems you missed that. Regardless, from the anger you seem to have felt because of my post I apologize, but I do not tae back what I said, I don’t understand the negativity, and I will pray for you.

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