Apple Enables Lion Internet Recovery in Mid 2010 iMacs

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Apple released EFI Firmware Update 1.8, a firmware update for Mid 2010 iMacs that enables Lion Internet Recovery for the first time. Lion Internet Recovery allows Macs to recover or reinstall Lion over the Internet.

Lion Recovery

Lion Recovery

Apple’s sparse patch notes for the firmware update:

About iMac EFI Firmware Update 1.8

This update enables Lion Recovery from an Internet connection on iMac (Mid 2010) models.

For more information about Lion Recovery, please visit this website:

As of this writing, the firmware update isn’t showing up on Apple’s Downloads site, but if you have a Mid 2010 iMac, you should find it in Software Update as a 2.9MB download.

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If the OS is crapped up to the point where you need to recover, doesn’t usually mean that you also don’t have access to the Internet?

Just sayin…

Dave Hamilton

If the OS is crapped up to the point where you need to recover, doesn?t usually mean that you also don?t have access to the Internet?

Ahh, but that’s just it: the recovery partition is its own, self-contained OS, that doesn’t inherit or share any settings with the main (presumably mucked-up) OS that you use day-to-day. SO, in theory, as long as your Internet connection itself is working, you should be good to go.


Dave ~ Since you explained that so well, please tell me why this firmware update/fix is only good for mid-2010 Macs.  Why not all Intel Macs?

Dave Hamilton

Actually, I misspoke. Internet Recovery and the Recovery Partition are two different things.

The Recovery Partition does what I described above and IS available on ALL Intel Macs running Lion. The thing is, Lion needs to have been installed on the hard drive once in order for the recovery partition to be built. If your entire hard drive is replaced, no recovery partition exists.

That’s where Internet Recovery comes into play: Internet Recovery allows the Mac to go straight to Apple’s servers and download Lion for you, etc., without *anything* ever having been installed on the drive that’s in there. My guess is that the EFI on older Macs might not be large enough to support this, but I don’t know that for sure. I’ll see if we can find out.

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