Apple Fanboys Will Get “Samsunged” During Super Bowl

If you’re an Apple fanboy (fangirls should be on notice, too) and planning to watch the Super Bowl, hold on to your iPhone because you’re about get “Saumsunged!” The company is planning on unleashing one of its “Fanboy” ads during the annual sporting and television commercial extravaganza, and this one will introduce an exciting new catchphrase, “Ooooohhhhh, we just got Samsunged!”

We aren’t sure of the specifics such a procedure entails, but the commercial leads us to believe that it is most unpleasant, and all because the Samsung Galaxy S II has turn by turn navigation.

Whoa, Getting Samsunged sucks!

Samsung will unveil the commercial during the Super Bowl, according to information received by The Huffington Post—the “teaser video” below was also posted to YouTube. Titled “Next Big Thing,” the ad touts the familiar refrain of how the iPhone 4S looks like the iPhone 4 and puts the Apple fanpersons waiting in line behind a barrier that evokes the imagery of being in prison.

That teaser:

Samsung’s “Next Big Thing” Commercial Teaser

Our take away from the commercial is that we should all avoid getting Samsunged at all costs. You may want to ask Siri to remind you to do so in the future.