Apple Features Martin Scorsese in Siri Ad

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Apple released a new iPhone 4S commercial Monday evening featuring renowned director and producer Martin Scorsese using Siri voice control. The ad is the latest in a series that uses celebrities to show off Siri in action.

Martin Scorsese shows off Siri in new adMartin Scorsese shows off Siri in new ad

In “Busy Day,” Mr. Scorsese asks Siri to check his schedule, move appointments, tell him where a friend is, and check city traffic

The first commercials highlighting Siri on the iPhone 4S included actors showing off the feature, but more recent ads rely on celebrities including Samuel L. Jackson, Zoey Deshanel, and John Malkovich.

All of the iPhone 4S commercials, including “Busy Day” can be viewed at the Apple website.

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John Dingler, artist

Laughed that Apple choose Scorcese despite his rapid speech. Siri’s last words “I’ll try to remember that” does not add any PR value and it even kills the ad’s and Scorcese’s amusement value.

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