Apple Features TMO’s Mac Geek Gab in iTunes Rewind 2009

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We are delighted to announce that Apple has chosen The Mac Observer's Mac Geek Gab as one of the podcasts featured in its iTunes Rewind 2009, an annual roundup of the best content on iTunes, including music, TV shows, movies, iPhone apps, audiobooks, and, of course, podcasts.

The Mac Geek Gab was listed in the "Classic Audio" category, which includes such podcasts as This American Life, Onion Radio News, Twit, Grammar Girl, 60 Minutes, NPR's Planet Money, and several more -- and we humbly note that's not bad company to keep.

Congrats to Dave Hamilton and John F. Braun for a job well done!

iTunes Rewind 2009
Some of the podcasts featured in iTunes Rewind 2009


Laurie Fleming

Let us all bathe in your reflected glory.

Well done, lads! [Makes embarrassed note that he hasn’t listened to the last four episodes]


That’s awesome news. I always look forward to hearing what John & Dave have to say, along with the occasional quip from Pilot Pete. Good to see that they’re getting some recognition. Keep up the great work, guys!

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