Apple Fires Up MobileMe Large File Sharing

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Apple turned on MobileMe's large file sharing feature on Friday, allowing subscribers to send files to other people without having to deal with email attachment size limits.

The feature lets users host large files on their MobileMe iDisk and alert recipients via email that the document is waiting for download. The message will include a link to the file, downloads can be password protected, and users can set how long a file will be available for download.

Large file sharing is available from the iDisk option at the MobileMe Web site. A video tutorial showing how to use the feature is available at the Apple Web site.



Awesome. I do this by hand all the time. This is a great addition.


This is nice. I have used my sites folder in this way, but this sounds even more convenient.


This is hilarious, like Steve was standing by a giant “ON” switch and simply flicked it. Stop talking down to us?



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