Apple Fires Up New iTunes Twitter Accounts

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Apple looks to be diving deeper into the Twitterverse with its newly created Twitter accounts for movies, music, TV and podcasts.

Apple's iTunesMovies talks covers the movie industry, iTunesMusic feed highlights new music releases at the U.S. iTunes Store, iTunesTV offers updates about TV shows at the U.S. iTunes Store, and iTunesPodcasts highlights a different podcast each day.

Apple was already posting tweets on a regular basis at its iTunesTrailers account to highlight movie trailer updates, and has a Facebook fan page for iTunes, too.

Apple is a master at marketing, so expect other companies to watch and mimic what the Mac and iPhone maker does with its social media accounts.

[Thanks to TUAW for the heads up.]



I didn’t get the point behind this yet, since its more following for users and maybe annoying. But since its Apple and we all know how good they are at marketing I think they have some good point behind that. wink

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