Apple Forums Hint at New MacBook Air, iLife 11

Apple’s online forums seem to indicate the company is planning on introducing a new MacBook Air model along with iLife 11, most likely at today’s Mac OS X-related special media event.

The company’s online discussion forums include a new category called “MBA (Need official name)” which presumably references the MacBook Air. The Web site also includes discussion categories for iPhoto 11, iMovie 11, and GarageBand 11.

Apple’s new MBA forum category

Apple’s discussion forum also includes a new mystery category called “Reserved 10 20” hinting that there might be a surprise product announcement during the special media event.

Apple will be hosting a media event at its Cupertino campus at 10 AM pacific time on Wednesday, October 20. Be sure to check in with TMO for our event coverage.

[Thanks to Spiders Web for the heads up.]