Apple Gives Away External Hard Drive with Internal Information

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Did you hear the one about “a man walked into the Genius Bar?” Apparently, he brought his Mac in for repairs and was sent home with a fixed machine — and a hard drive containing internal, confidential, Apple files.

It's a secret hard drive. Well, it used to be.Need Apple secrets? Just get a had drive from the Genius Bar

According to Cult of Mac, the man took his Mac into the Stamford, Connecticut Genius Bar for a look and had to leave it a few days for repairs. When he returned to pick up his machine, he learned that as part of the repair they had to replace the hard drive. They gave him his machine back, along with a hard drive, which he assumed was his old, faulty drive.

However, when he plugged that drive into a USB enclosure, he discovered that it was not his old disk, but a hard drive the store had been using for Time Machine backups. On it was secret information going back to 2009 including internal documents, training videos, manuals, Apple store work checklists, time schedules, product layouts, store meetings, and business structure.

The man contacted Cult of Mac and offered to sell them the hard drive, and included a few screenshots to prove he had the information. As per their policy, Cult of Mac declined and the tipster hasn’t been heard from since.



Unless he’s paying for a new drive, Apple doesn’t normally give back the old failed drive.

But since they lost another iPhone prototype, I can see this happening too. smile


Sad that his first thought wasn’t “maybe I should return this”. Instead it was “maybe I can profit from this”.


Wouldn’t that be pretty boring unless it contained training materials for forthcoming releases? Anything on the iPhone 5 in there perhaps? Then someone might be interested.

Sad that his first thought wasn?t ?maybe I should return this?. Instead it was ?maybe I can profit from this?.

So true.  He definitely should have just returned it.


For a company charged with being so closed and secretive, lots gets lost.

Lee Dronick

For a company charged with being so closed and secretive, lots gets lost.

Or planted on purpose.

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