Apple Giving MobileMe Users Snow Leopard for Free

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Apple has started offering at least some MobileMe users that haven’t moved to Snow Leopard yet free copies of the operating system to cut down on their upgrade costs to Lion ahead of their transition to iCloud. Lion is required for iCloud, so by giving Leopard users a free upgrade to Snow Leopard, Apple is saving customers US$30 off the cost of migrating to Lion.

Apple gives Leopard users an incentive to use iCloudApple gives Leopard users an incentive to use iCloud

The $29.99 upgrade to Lion, or OS X 10.7, requires a Mac running Snow Leopard, or OS X 10.6, which also costs $29.99. MobileMe users running older versions of OS X that don’t move to Lion will find they’re out in the cold come June when Apple shuts down the service and supports only iCloud.

Apple’s iCloud service is already up and running, and the company claims it has over 100 million users on board already. In addition to email, iCloud offers file sync support, Photo Streaming, online data backups, calendar and contact syncing, iTunes in the Cloud, and more for the Mac as well as the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

iCloud is free, and Apple has done what it can to make the transition to the new service from MobileMe as painless as possible.

Leopard users interested in upgrading to Lion can go to Apple’s special upgrade page for MobileMe users to request their free copy of Snow Leopard.

[Thanks to Macgasm for the heads up.]

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Now if Apple would only enable Lion to run on my Core Duo MacBook.


kevinlane said:
Now if Apple would only enable Lion to run on my Core Duo MacBook.”

Appallingly true!

Perhaps what I’m planning to do to sign up for iCloud without upgrading to OS X Lion on my Core 2 Duo could work for you, too:

I’m going to replace my Parallel’s windoze XP with windoze 7, and then register for iCloud and Siri from within windoze 7‘s version of Safari.

I plan on never upgrading to OS X Lion (AKA “AppleVista)!


kevinlane said:
Now if Apple would only enable Lion to run on my Core Duo MacBook.?

Appallingly true!

Perhaps what I?m planning to do to sign up for iCloud without upgrading to OS X Lion on my Core 2 Duo could work for you, too:

You probably don’t want Lion on an old machine anyway.  My late 2007 black MacBook barely makes the mark to run Lion but I’d swear it’s running slower.  (Of course, it could be the placebo effect since I’m used to newer, faster machines elsewhere.)

At the very least, it’s a free upgrade to Snow Leopard!  I got Snow Leopard immediately when it came out with no regrets.  It was a solid improvement over Leopard.

Lion is a different beast, and the only reason I run it on my MacBook is so I don’t have to deal with scroll direction being different on my newer iMac vs. my MacBook (of course, I could set to the new iMac to scroll the old way, or get a 3rd party product to set the MacBook on Snow Leopard to scroll the new way, but oh well.  Maybe I still will.)


Lion is a different beast

I’m running SL on a Early ‘09 Mac Pro Quad 2.66, and Lion on a Late ‘08 MacBook Pro 2.4Ghz, and frankly I just don’t like Lion that much.

I haven’t updated the Mac Pro because I’m afraid that some of the Apps I’ve got will break, and I refuse (unless dragged kicking & screaming) to start replacing Apps just because either Apple changed or dropped support for something, or even worse, a developer used “forbidden code” and now their code breaks. PhotoShop & Filemaker are two examples of “naughty coding” by developers.

When Apple announced that they were dropping support for SL in iCloud I “spoke” to Apple Support and the only way we could find to keep getting emails from my .Mac address on my Mac Pro was to set up a redirect/forwarder on the .Mac email address so .Mac emails would still end up on my Mac Pro.

This of course really cheeses me off. Surely Apple could keep .Mac support on SL, for those who just can’t migrate beyond SL ?
And yes I’ve done the Apple Feedback page whatsits.



Papa bear is offering to UPGRADE all the older Macs out in the wild to Snow Leopard to get everyone on a platform that’s ‘close’ to reality of the hardware that’s ‘current’... THEN, as a VERY FIRST STEP of the process to move over to iCloud, the VERY FIRST THING that Papa Bear wants these folks to do is UPGRADE TO LION???


I stayed on SL because you ass-clowns told me that my Mac didn’t have enough horsepower to run Lion. NOW, you want folks with hardware OLDER THAN MINE to upgrade to Lion?? Are you people nuts?? Steve was right.. you clowns SHOULD be ashamed of yourselves.. this plan is lunacy ...

You OWE your user base a plan - not a meat grinder… idiotic.


Apple just doesn’t get it. While this is a nice gesture for those users still using Leopard, Apple refuses to listed to the great many creative professionals, l myself, who have chosen to remain on Snow Leopard because Lion’s features (Auto Save, for one) run counter to our workflow!

This is very bad news

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