Apple Goes After Woolworths Logo

Apple thinks the Woolworths logo is too much like its own and is actively working to stop the retailer from using the fruit-shaped "W." Apple has taken its claims to IP Australia, the agency in Australia's government that deals with copyright issues, is hopes of blocking Woolworth's from using its new logo, according to The Age.

Apple (left) and Woolworths (right)

Woolworths is the largest retailer in Australia, and began using the logo about a year ago. The company filed for a blanket trademark on the logo in August 2008 which would let the company use its fruity letter on nearly any kind of product, including computers.

The company's logo already appears on cell phones and credit cards, but apparently computers aren't on its product list yet. "'While we can't rule anything out, we haven't got any plans at the moment," a company spokesperson said.

There's also some speculation that Apple may be concerned about retail confusion since it is opening its own stores in Australia.

While Apple's logo is clearly an apple shape, the Woolworths logo is a looping stylized "W" with a stem on top that's similar to Apple's. Woolworths doesn't see the two logos as alike, but Apple thinks the similarities are too great.

Hans Hulsbosch, the designer of the Woolworths logo, thinks Apple is going too far with its trademark protection. "Based on this logic, they would have to take action against every fruit-seller," he said.

Apple hasn't commented on its complaint.