Apple Granted Patent for Shanghai Retail Store Design

Apple was granted a patent Tuesday morning for the design of its Shanghai retail store, Patently Apple reports.

Apple's Shanghai Store Patent

The uniquely designed store, one of several Apple flagship retail locations around the world, was first opened to the public in July 2010 and credits the late Steve Jobs, among others, for its creation. 

Others credited by the patent include Benjamin Fay, Peter Bohlin, David Andreini, Karl Backus, Robert Bridger, and former VP of Retail Operations Ron Johnson.

Apple's Cupertino New HQArchitectural render of Apple’s planned new Cupertino headquarters.

Apple’s unique use and designs of glass structures, first prominently displayed by the Fifth Avenue store in New York City, are expected to play a large role in the development of its new Cupertino headquarters, which will utilize custom-designed curved glass around the entire permitter of the building.