Apple Highlights Twitter, Square in New iPad Ad

Apple aired a new iPad commercial Tuesday evening showing off what users can do with the multimedia tablet, Twitter social networking and the Square mobile payment system. Unlike the company’s recent Mac commercial campaign, there weren’t any Genius sightings.

Apple's new "All on iPad" commercialApple’s new “All on iPad” commercial

The new commercial, titled “All on iPad,” shows off the tablet’s capabilities as an ebook reader, voice and video chat system, movie player, gaming platform, and more. The ad also points out that the latest iPad model includes a high resolution Retina Display.

Apple stuck with its tried-and-true ad style that highlights how the iPad can be used in daily life instead of going with the look and feel of the recent Mac Genius commercials. The company first aired that series during the 2012 Olympics opening ceremonies, but the light hearted comedy style of those ads didn’t go over well with many Mac users. The company has since stopped airing the commercials, saying it planned a short run and wasn’t responding to viewer criticism.

If you missed seeing “All on iPad” on TV last night, you can catch the the commercial on the Apple website, too.