Apple Hires Near Field Communication Expert

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Apple recently hired Benjamin Vigier to as product manager for mobile commerce. Mr. Vigier is an expert in near field communications, and his hiring may be an indicator that Apple is planning on adding RFID or other mobile payment and identification technology to the iPhone.

According to Mr. Vigier’s LinkedIn profile, he served as mFoundry’s mobile wallet, payment and NFC product manager up until July where he was responsible for Paypal Mobile, Starbucks Card Mobile and Sprint’s MyMoneyManager. He has also managed NFC solutions and embeded technologies at SanDisk and Bouygues Telecom.

Assuming Apple uses Mr. Vigier’s skills to add NFC technology to the iPhone, users of future versions of the combination iPod and smartphone could use the device to pay for services and products without needing to pull out their credit card. While it’s possible Apple may be planning on adding that kind of technology to the next generation iPhone, the company isn’t saying exactly what it has in store for us.

[Thanks to NFC World for the heads up.]

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Jeff Gamet

The idea of catching up with other parts of the world and being able to wave my phone near a sensor to pay for cabs, busses and meals sounds great to me. Being able to do it with my iPhone? Even better.

John F. Braun

Looks like RFID for payments is coming of age.  One of my debit and one of my credit cards are enabled with small RFID chips, under the Blink and Paypass brands.  For those that want to get in on the NFC action, you can get your hands on the technology over at Touchatag

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