Apple Hires Symantec Exec to Run Tax Department

Phillip Bullock Symantec Apple

Symantec’s Senior Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer Phillip Bullock has been hired by Apple, it was revealed in a Symantec 8-K filing with the SEC Tuesday. Mr. Bullock, who joined Symantec in 2006, will leave the anti-virus company at the end of the month to become head of Apple’s tax department.

Andrew Del Matto, Symantec’s Corporate Treasurer and Vice President of Finance Business Operations, will take Mr. Bullock’s place as Chief Accounting Officer upon his departure. From the filing:

Phillip A. Bullock, who was appointed as Symantec’s Chief Accounting Officer in September 2009, announced he will be leaving the Company to lead the tax department at Apple, Inc., and not due to any disagreement with the Company on any matters relating to the Company’s operations, policies or practices.

Mr. Bullock started with Symantec as the company’s Vice President of Tax and Trade Compliance in 2006, then became Senior Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer in 2009. Prior to his time with Symantec, he was a partner in the Ernst & Young LLP lawfirm.

For its part, Apple has not yet made any announcement relating to the acquisition of Mr. Bullock.