Apple Hiring Photography Expert for Mac/iPad

Apple is looking for a new software engineer to help, “deliver great photography applications for the Mac and iPad platforms.” The job posted to Apple’s job site (first spotted by AppleInsider) suggests that Apple is planning on getting serious about the iPad as a photography device.

“As a member of the team,” Apple wrote in its posting, “you will help us with text rendering and editing and HTML generation for publishing and viewing photo based content.”

In other words, the company is looking for a software engineer who can help develop programs that manipulate images and post them to the Web, as opposed to someone who can write code that allows iOS to better communicate with a camera.

Accordingly, while evidence has been mounting that Apple plans on including a camera in the next iPad, this job posting speaks only to the idea that Apple wants to better improve content creation and manipulation on its tablet, and doesn’t necessarily add to the evidence that Apple wants you to be able to take photos with the iPad.

Indeed, there have been mixed rumors coming out of Apple’s OEM chain in Asia that Apple is working on adding both a front (for video chats) and rear-facing (for photography) camera or a front-facing camera only. The iPad as a great FaceTime device and photo viewer/Internet sharing device is an easier argument to be made than the iPad as a great camera.