Apple Hit with iPad Heat Lawsuit

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Apple was hit with a new lawsuit on July 23 that alleges the iPad overheats too quickly and stops working in sunlight and hot weather conditions. The case was filed in Federal Court in Oakland, California, and is seeking class action status, according to Bloomberg.

The suit claims Apple’s iPad “overheats so quickly under common weather conditions,” and fails to “live up to the reasonable consumer’s expectations created by Apple.”

Apple’s iPad is a multimedia tablet device with a 9.7-inch multi-touch display. The tablet runs the same operating system as the iPhone and iPod touch, and is capable of running most of the same apps, too. It includes built-in Wi-Fi networking support, Bluetooth support, can play videos and music, includes an ebook reader app, and more.

Along with class action status, the lawsuit is asking for unspecified damages. Apple has not commented on the pending case.

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I live in a 120F degrees country and I don’t take the iPad outside. and if I did and it overheats then it’s my fault.


I actually had this happen to me recently, but I didn’t think of suing anyone.  Maybe that is why I am still so much in debt?


Give me a flipping break! I had an iPad on loan from my company, for several weeks, I took it everywhere, and I didn’t have any problems with it. Oh, and did I mention that I live inland in southern California, and I had the iPad during the beginning of summer? If the iPad has a problem operating in reasonable heat conditions, I sure didn’t see it.

This was probably started by the same bunch of ambulance chasers that tried to start a class action lawsuit over the ‘antenna issue’ on iPhone 4’s during the first two weeks they were available, when people had the option of simply returning them and therefore had no reasonable right to seek legal damages even if the devices had been faulty.


These are the same desperate people who would sue if their stapler ran out of staples.

We need a judge to backhand them once or twice to the face and disbar a few of the attorneys for reckless abuse of judicial process.


As an iPod owner I’ve never never even felt the iPad get warm.  I haven’t taken it to anyplace with extreme weather conditions, but if I did, I would probably say that I shouldn’t have expected it to work in such an environment.

This has frivolous lawsuit written all over it.


According to the specifications for the iPad, the operating temperature range is 32? to 95? F. I doubt there is a case here since the operating specs are available prior to purchase.


Iunno, those guys in San Francisco are kinda particular about their gear. They want it to be made from non-hazardous materials and work non-stop at burning man…


According to the iPad specs the operating conditions are 0 - 35C (32 - 95F) enironment and 5 - 95% humidity noncondensing. No guarantees for direct sunlight given.

The lawsuit is ridiculous, as they usual are, for conditions outside these limits.


The iPad tech specs page says:

Environmental requirements
Operating temperature: 32? to 95? F (0? to 35? C)

If the complainants are operating within this range and having issues, they should report the problem to Apple and Apple will take care of it. If they are operating outside these conditions, it’s their own fault.


Does anyone remember RID, the shampoo for when kids get head lice? SNL or MadTV could do a great commercial for RID-Attorney Strength


I suppose if the military were to commission Apple to produce military-grade iPads, Apple could expand the operating range for those units. Milspec equipment tends to be more pricey, however.


My iPad showed water underneath the screen after I took it with me on a short scuba dive. Not even deep.


Mine got water underneath the screen when I used it in the rain. And that’s a pretty common weather condition here in the South.


I had this happen twice - just took the iPad to the beach in Mexico and subsequently Cape Cod - not that hot - like 80’s, but the sun shining on the black background probably pushed the operating temp up.  It displays an overheated message.  This is a problem - given that I would like to use it on the beach - but not sure it’s worth class action given the operating temp specs.


Not even deep.

That most definitely seems lawsuit worthy wink. However if it was a DEEP dive, then maybe not. But ‘twas only a shallow dive.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Here is more information on this issue:

People probably reasonably expected that they could take it outside and read, like they can with their Kindles. Not quite as easy on the eyes, but that’s what readers like to do.


I love my iPad! But I did have to come inside just now because a big yellow temperature warning flash came on. I was sitting out side in Los Angeles, (75 degrees) reading!  I immediately turned off everything. It was not in sun but in a Marware black case. When I took it out of the case just now it was really hot!! Waited to cool off before turning off.
What is with this? 75 degrees! Should it be out of case when outside?
I sure wouldn’t sue, but was this my fault or is something wrong with combination case, iPad.


Our law firm, Scott Cole & Associates, filed a class action lawsuit against Apple for false advertising after uncovering numerous complaints like yours. So far, Apple has done nothing to address the overheating problem, despite all the complaints, and even after being served with a lawsuit. With help from consumers like you, we can bring this in front of a judge, and, hopefully, get a positive outcome for the millions of people who purchased iPads based on the assumption it would actually perform the way Apple advertised it would. Information from iPad owners will be key to convincing a judge and/or jury to hold Apple responsible , and requires only a few minutes of your time. If you?d like to help, please contact me directly at or at (510) 891-9800


Mmmmmmmm, nothing tastes better than someone else’s blood. Oh, and what do “overheating” iPads have to do with workers rights?

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