Apple Hit with iPhone Privacy Lawsuit in South Korea

A South Korean lawyer that previously won a lawsuit against Apple over iPhone location tracking privacy issues has launched a class action case against the company with some 27,000 people already on board. The suit alleges that Apple used the iPhone’s location tracking features to log user’s movements without permission.

According to Bloomberg, the plaintiffs in the class action suit are asking for 1 million won (about US$930) each in damages.

Apple class action lawsuit in South KoreaKorean Class Action lawsuit targets Apple over iPhone location tracking

The lawsuit was filed in reaction to reports from earlier this year that the iPhone logged user’s locations and maintained the information in an unencrypted database. In some cases, the location data went back a full year.

Apple said the database actually contained the locations of local cell towers to improve performance when acquiring a user’s current position in location services-aware apps. The information stored in the database, according to Apple, should only go back a few days and a software update was released that addressed the issues.

Kim Hyung-suk, the attorney that successfully sued Apple, said that he planned on launching the class action suit when he was awarded his 1 million won.

Apple was also hit with a 3 million won fine (about $2,855) in August by the Korean Communications Commission over the incident.