Apple Hit with Second Siri-related Lawsuit

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Apple is facing its second Siri voice control-related lawsuit over claims that the company has misled consumers by overstating the feature’s capabilities. The new lawsuit was filed in California by David Jones who feels Siri’s performance doesn’t live up to Apple’s claims.

Lawsuit claims Siri doesn't live up to the hypeLawsuit claims Siri doesn’t live up to the hype

Siri is a feature available on the iPhone 4S that lets users speak conversationally to perform tasks such as scheduling appointments, sending text messages, and looking up information on the Internet.

Apple points out the feature is still in beta testing both in its ads and on the company’s website. For Mr. Jones, however, those beta warnings aren’t enough.

“Apple’s deceptive commercials diverge greatly from the actual functionality and operation of the Siri feature as experienced by Plaintiff and fellow consumers,” Mr. Jones says in his court filing, according to the Los Angeles Times. “Siri would either not understand what Plaintiff asked, or, after a long wait, provided the wrong answer.”

Mr. Jones filed his lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles. The first Siri-related lawsuit was filed earlier in March by Frank M. Fazio in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

Apple has not commented on Mr. Jones’s filing.



A trolling we will go, hi ho the merry ho, a trolling we will go….


So Siri is to visit Davey Jones’ locker, eh?

The plaintiff is appropriately named.

Lee Dronick

So Siri is to visit Davey Jones? locker, eh?

The plaintiff is appropriately named.

Arrrrrgh! These foc’s'le lawyers are a pox on their shipmates. Maybe if he didn’t speak like a pirate then Siri could understand him.


Maybe if he didn?t speak like a pirate then Siri could understand him.

Aye, mate! Perhaps ‘is complaint be that Siri ought to speak proper Pirate.

Lee Dronick

Siri ships are being registered in more countries as time goes by. Eventually the voice recognition will better understand accents and dialects.

I have very few problems with Siri, but not my wife. She was legally deaf, well hearing impaired, most of her life and has the accent of people with that condition. Now as a doctor you may appreciate this story. She received two cochlear implants and now has about 80% hearing, probably better than mine at 61 years old. Wait there is more! Within 4 hours after the device was switched on her voice went from being nasal sounding to being more “normal,” but there is still a bit of an accent.


She received two cochlear implants and now has about 80% hearing, probably better than mine at 61 years old.

This may well be true, at least for higher frequencies, which is the spectral end that is the most vulnerable to compromise through injury and age effects. It will be interesting to see if your wife’s accent undergoes further transformation, as she receives more ‘information’ through her implants over time.

That said, the female Siri voice has trouble with my accent (cannot imagine why) so I am compelled to use the male Siri for UK English, at least if I want better response.


It’s BETA!! Why is it so hard to understand that this software isn’t finished yet and it will have issues!

Lee Dronick

Well from Incan see they don’t mention that it is beta in their TV ads. It would help if Apple would provide more in the way of tutorials on how to use Siri.

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