Apple Hit with Video Streaming Patent Lawsuit

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Apple is the target of yet another lawsuit, this time for allegedly infringing on patents related to the company's HTTP Live Streaming feature in QuickTime. The case was filed by Emblaze, a group of technology companies that owns a patent that describes a system for streaming media.

According to Emblaze, it has been developing its streaming technology for over ten years and plans to roll it out in the First Else smartphone some time next year. The phone will be released through Emblaze's subsidiary company Else.

The company said its technology lets users stream live and pre-recorded content without requiring special servers. It can also stream through firewalls.

Apple has until December 15 to reply to Emblaze's complaint.

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How many years has Quicktime had a streaming video feature?


Little detail here. Let’s guess that there is a lot more to this other than a get rich quick scheme. Or maybe not. If the feature is already being used in Quicktime, is adding this feature to the iPhone really an infringement of the technology? Or is it that they want to put out a phone of their own and figured out somebody beat them to the punch…..


Or want to advertise their far-too-late-to-the-party product


I’m not an attorney, but, it’s possible that Apple will take one of two tracks: 1) pay Emblaze off—Apple has a lot of money, they probably don’t; 2) hit Emblaze with a patent infringement suit based on Apple’s own patents (assuming that Apple has such patents).


The ELSE will blow the iPhone out of the water…

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