Apple Hits Nokia with UK Patent Lawsuit

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Apple filed a lawsuit against Nokia in the U.K. this week alleging the mobile phone maker’s patent regarding scrolling technology for touchscreen phones isn’t valid. The two companies have been fighting over patents for some time in the U.S. and Europe.

This latest lawsuit questions the validity of one of the patents Nokia claimed Apple is violating in a September 2010 filing in Germany, according to Bloomberg. Nokia representatives responded publicly to say the filing doesn’t hold water.

Apple and Nokia patent battle: Still going strong

“Nokia is confident that all of the 37 patents it has asserted against Apple” commented Nokia spokesperson Mark Durrant. “We are examining the filing and will take whatever actions are needed to protect our rights.”

Nokia hit Apple with a patent infringement lawsuit in October 2009 over claims that the wireless technology in most of Mac and iPhone products violate patents the cell phone maker owns. Apple responded with a lawsuit against Nokia in December that same year for allegedly violating several patents it owns.

Apple previously filed a patent infringement lawsuit in the U.K. against Nokia in September 2009, too.

At the time of the earlier filings, Apple General Counsel and senior vice president Bruce Sewell commented “Other companies must compete with us by inventing their own technologies, not just by stealing ours.”

Apple has not commented on its latest filing against Nokia.

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To:    Apple and Nokia
From: Your customers
Re:    Arbitration of patent disputes

1. Each of you set a $ amount on the value of your patents and the appropriate licensing fee. Realize that the other is doing the same.
2. Come to the table with ONE lawyer each to negotiate a settlement
3. Stop wasting money and time in this dispute. You’re just beating each other up and wasting a LOT of resources doing so.
4. Agree to set an arbitration panel to meet once per year to hammer these types of agreements out (and don’t let them out of the room until it’s done each year)
5. This is how you be the grown ups and show everybody else how to get along.


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