Apple Hosting “Back to the Mac” Event Oct 20

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Apple will be hosting a special media event on Wednesday, October 20, at the company’s Cupertino campus. The event is called “Back to the Mac,” and will dive into the next major update for Mac OS X.

The media invitation states “Come see what’s new for the Mac on October 20, including a sneak peek of the next major version of Mac OS X.”

Apple hints Mac OS X 107 will be dubbed “Lion”

Apple isn’t saying anything else about the event, but is staying true to form by emailing announcements about a week ahead of time.

Be sure to check in with The Mac Observer next Wednesday for our event coverage.

[Thanks to The Loop for the heads up.]



Gee, did they finally find the closet the Mac OS X team was living in? smile smile

Lee Dronick

There are rumors of new iLife and iWork suites, but I am thinking that Lion will be the “mane” event.


“mane”... good one. smile

John Martellaro

The mane event….  ohhhh,,,, it hurts .... ROTFL….

Ross Edwards

Sets them up nicely for the next few…

10.8 = Mountain Lion
10.9 = Sea Lion
10.10 = White Lion!  “When the chiiiiildreeen cry…”

OK maybe not that last one, but the others for sure.

John Martellaro

Does Apple have Lion Eyes?

Steve Rosenberger

Or, are they just lyin’?


No but many of us do lionize Apple



10.8 = Mountain Lion

That won’t work. They already used Panther, and a Mountain Lion and a Panther are the same thing (the Pitt/Penn State rivalry notwithstanding…yes, they have the same mascot, but don’t know it). So what’s left after Lion? Mid-sized cats? Ocelot? Serval? Or is Lion (seriously) a sign that OS X v. 10 has run its course, and they’ll jump to OS X 11?

New Apple slogan: “Our OS goes to Eleven….”


Lion should indicate the last iteration of OSX. There’s no point in going from Lion to Cougar/Lynx, or whatever.

My guess is that XI (OS11) will be a complete redesign again. Maybe built with touch in mind right from the start.


As I posted elsewhere I’m waiting for OS-X Shaft

(“The cat that won’t cop out”. OTOH he’s also “a bad ...” which might not be good for sales.)

Lee Dronick

Lion should indicate the last iteration of OSX

That is what I am thinking. Lion is the king of cats if Apple names it that the next version shouldn’t be named after a lessor cat such as Tybalt.

We may not even see XI. They may give name it Arabic numerals again, or something else such as Greek Gods.


OS X has come a fur piece since 2001. Apple is right to paws and show pride in their accomplishment. I have been reading with interest the advancements of the OS from these old timers since they were cub reporters. I’d love to go to this even and hear the roar of the crowd. Do you think they’ll ever come to Savanna?

Lee Dronick

OS X has come a fur piece since 2001. Apple is right to paws and show pride in their accomplishment. I have been reading with interest the advancements of the OS from these old timers since they were cub reporters. I?d love to go to this even and hear the roar of the crowd. Do you think they?ll ever come to Savanna?

Good one! MacWordPlay, the new iLife app.


Apple’s announcement seems to breed a lot of light-hearted (or lion-hearted) comments.

I wonder…
1. what new mane features Jobs will tempt us with?
2. whether Lion will be available to buy by MacWorld, or some time later in 2011?
3. if Lion will allow switching from mouse control to petting (touch)?



...carry on.





Apple OS X 10.8 LOLcat. smile

Lee Dronick

Apple OS X 10.8 LOLcat

The Apple bashers would call it a “pole cat”



The Apple bashers are known for their catty remarks.

Lee Dronick

The Apple bashers are known for their catty remarks.

True ‘dat


?The cat that won?t cop out?. OTOH he?s also ?a bad ...? which might not be good for sales.

Shutch’yo mouth!

...carry on.

No, OS Tigon. Because Ligers are dumb, and they smell like poo.


Ok, this comment thread has generated a lot of fancy-cat word play, but interestingly not much discussion about the 10.7 sneak preview. Any ideas?

From what tiny little grains of information that has been floating out there so far, I think it’s a fair guess that a significant feature will have something to do with tying the OS to the cloud.

Just throwing an idea out there: I’m going to guess that your user account will live in the cloud, so you can hop on any Mac - whether it’s one you own or another that you log into as a guest - and have all of your settings ready to go. Other information - including contacts, bookmarks, calendar, etc. can be pulled down on request.


IANAL, but I’m pretty sure Apple is allowed to have non-cat names for 10.8 and beyond if they want to. Then again, I didn’t realize that the most anticipated and important feature of OS X is the code name.

Pastor Mac

For those of who were there in The Old Days of the early to mid 90s, System 7 was the Great Leap Forward that took a bunch of disparate pieces and seamlessly integrated them into the core OS.  Remember Font/DA Mover?  Automatic in 7.1.

After the debacle of the proposed OS 8 which ultimately resulted in NeXT (rather than Be, which I thought was the winner), continued development of the core OS continued.  HFS+ came in 8.1 (and cries of anguish still reverberate when users didn’t realize their drives were re-formatted) but the big, BIG deal came w/ 8.6. 

8.6 is still widely overlooked as a true quantum leap because the actual OS kernel itself was re-worked.  The kernel is code that actually triggers the most fundamental processes in the CPU.  Since Macs were Power PC based, the 8.6 kernel was written in the assembly language for the new CPUs.  Huge advantages under the hood.

So when we all jumped in the OS X pool (me, it wasn’t till Jaguar) the core kernel was based on Mach, an open source POSIX compliant codebase.  It was the core of NeXT so it made sense it would be easily ported to the Mac.  But since Avie Tevanian is no longer at Apple, one of Mach’s earliest coders is no longer around to shepherd & maintain what was built many years ago.

Let’s look at iOS.  Certainly it is POSIX compliant.  But is Mach the kernel?  Can’t use Linux because of the GPL.  Is it a variant/private fork of NetBSD?  We know how much BSD code is in OS X now.(a lot) But I’m beginning to believe whatever is next is going to be more than another layer of utilities—which is basically what everything since Jaguar has been in the point upgrades.  Yes, the lower levels have been highly optimized but Panther, Tiger, Leopard, & Snow Leopard have stressed service integration and all those services means bloat which means more RAM just to turn the computer on.  Is iOS getting ported to the Mac?  A basic, plain kernel w/ just enough services for network & user experience (cut, paste, multi-task, etc) and turn everything over to developers.  Hey, Larry Ellison was right in 1998.  He just was 10 years too early.  Wireless broadband means no more hard drives, thumb drives, pretty much any external components.  .Mac/MobileMe will become our hard drive.


( s i g h )

I knew I should have stopped reading after the first two or three of these. But NOOOOO, I had to keep on reading.
Something about these just catured me ?

Perhaps we should assess financial charges for the worst puns; bill those who cross the fee line.


These puns have begun going too far, beyond the bounds of good taste. I suggest that we levy financial charges against posts deemed the most severe offenses. People will have to pay when they cross the fee line.


That won?t work. They already used Panther, and a Mountain Lion and a Panther are the same thing

Not really. There has never been a verified report of a melanistic phase cougar/mountain lion. There are melanistic jaguars, but the usual meaning of “panther” is a black leopard.


Not to mention that TIGERS ARE THE BIGGEST CATS—not Lions.

Mac Daddy

SaberTooth??  Just sayin’ ; )

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