Apple Intros 64GB iPod touch, Takes 8GB Sub $200 [Updated]

Apple introduced two new iPod touch models during its special music event on Wednesday. The lineup now includes an 8GB model for US$199 and a 64GB model for $399, marking the first time Apple has shipped a sub-$200 iPod touch.

The new iPods are faster than the models they replace and support Open GL like the iPhone 3GS.

Apple's updated iPod touch

Apple's Phil Schiller called the iPod touch "The most affordable gateway into the App Store."

Apple also called the iPod touch "a great pocket computer." The iPod touch includes a 3.5-inch multi-touch display, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a built-in speaker. The touch's iPod features include Cover Flow, Shake to Shuffle, and support for the new Genius Mixes feature that builds up to 12 endless playlists.

The new iPod touch lineup also includes a 32GB model for $299.

[This article has been updated with additional information about the iPod touch.]