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Apple prepping to actively seeking customer feedback through a new new Web site called Apple Customer Pulse. The site, which is currently available only via invitation, includes a survey seeking product feedback and will offer customers additional surveys over time, as well.

Apple Customer PulseApple goes looking for customer feedback

Customers that agree to participate in the Customer Pulse program will be asked to participate in no more than two surveys each month. Apple said answers will be anonymous, and that survey results will always be viewed as a whole instead of individually.

Apple’s other feedback tools have typically been reactionary, meaning post-service followup. With the introduction of Customer Pulse, however, Apple seems to be moving towards a market research approach to customer feedback.

Currently, Customer Pulse is open only to Apple customers that have received an email invitation.

[Thanks to Mac Rumors for the heads up.]

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Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

I’ve seen a couple of the questions:

16. When you sync your Apple iPhone to your Apple iMac at your desk, do you dream of having an Apple MacBook Pro so that you can sync your Apple iPhone away from your desk?

24. Some of your friends may carry around infringing phones that run the infringing Android operating system. Have you ever informed them that their infringing Android phones are infringing and that they are missing the total Apple experience that can only be experienced through the use of Apple products purchased in the past 18 months?

Good stuff!


What? APPLE seeking consumer input? I know they do request feedback after a Genius Bar appointment, but on products?!

Obviously a scam! wink


Hey, it’s Bad News Bosco!!  Welcome back.  Where have you been with all the good news stories on Apple the past few weeks?

You only come out to take the cheap shots!!

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

47a. When picking screen names for web sites that are favorable to Apple’s products and policies, do you indicate that you are pro-Apple by inserting a variation of one of Apple’s product names into your screen name?

47b. Has any congregation of Apple customers ever become confused about your product loyalties when using a variation of an Apple product name in your screen name?

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

61. How often do you wet yourself while reading To Kill a Monkingbird on your Apple iPad 2?

(a) Hourly.
(b) Daily.
(c) Weekly.
(d) Monthly.

And I almost forgot the landing page:

Welcome to the Consumer Pulse Customer Questionnaire! We’re sorry, but Consumer Pulse only works with standards-compliant browsers such as Safari. If you are using Chrome or Firefox on your Apple Macintosh computer, you aren’t getting the full Apple-branded standards-compliant experience needed to participate in Consumer Pulse. Please make Safari your default browser and uninstall these infringing applications to be allowed to continue with Consumer Pulse.


51. Are you bitter with Apple to the point of trying to sway people away from Apple products by using exaggeration, misleading statements, and cheap shots, while at the same time hiding your head in the sand when Apple’s successes are celebrated?


What’s a “Monkingbird”?  Geez Brad, get it right.  Then get a life.  Are you really trolling on a Mac web site?


Ferd, when you are as intelligent as Brad, it’s not trolling… it’s educating!!

But I must admit that his posts here are pretty immature and low-brow even for Bad News Bosco.  No semblance of any valid counterpoints - just petty insults.  All the good news on Apple’s growth, revenue, profits, success, percent of mobile app revenue, big names signing on for iPad subscriptions, and lines throughout Asia for Apple products must really be getting to him.

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