Apple Intros “Electric” iPad Ad

Apple debuted its latest iPad commercial Monday night that follows the same “iPad is” theme used in previous commercials. The latest ad touts the iPad as “electric” with the AmpliTube app driving a real electric guitar.

Like previous iPad commercials, “iPad is Electric” shows off the versatility of the multimedia tablet. This latest ad uses terms like “cinematic,” “academic,” “presenting” to describe the device.

iPad is Electric

Apple has seen high demand for the iPad ever since it was released in April. The  device includes a 9.7-inch multi-touch display, support for most iPhone apps, can play back movies and audio, includes built-in Wi-Fi wireless networking and Bluetooth, and some models support 3G wireless data connections, too.

Apple’s “iPad is Electric” as is available at the company Web site in QuickTime format.