Apple Intros FaceTime for the Mac [Update]

Apple introduced a public beta version of FaceTime for the Mac on Wednesday. FaceTime is Apple’s video chat feature introduced with iOS 4, and previously available only for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Company CEO Steve Jobs said the FaceTime client for the Mac works seamlessly with other Macs and iOS devices, and a quick demo during Apple’s “Back to the Mac” media event seemed to back that up.

FaceTime for the Mac

The Mac version of FaceTime accesses your contacts in Address Book instead of requiring users to add contacts to a buddy list, and it supports the built-in iSight camera and mic in Mac laptop and desktop computers, as well as the new Apple LED Cinema Display.

The public beta of FaceTime requires Mac OS X Snow Leopard and an Apple ID. It is available for download at the Apple Web site.

[This article has been updated with additional information about FaceTime for the Mac.]