Apple Intros First Retina MacBook Pro Commercial

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Apple aired its first commercial showing off the new MacBook Pro with retina display Tuesday evening. The commercial highlights the laptop display’s higher resolution along with Apple apps that have been updated to take advantage of the ramped up pixel density.

The new MacBook Pro model was introduced during Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference keynote presentation on Monday in San Francisco. The new display’s resolution comes in at 2880 x 1800, or 220 pixels per inch.

The laptop ships with an Intel quad-core i7 processor, dual Thunderbolt ports, USB 2 and 3 combo ports, HDMI, and solid state storage up to 768GB with a price starting at US$2,199.

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Yep! Saw that ad during the NBA game. The one where our OKC Thunder took the early 1-0 lead in the NBA final series. Go Thunder! I WAS drooling over that laptop!

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