Apple Intros Magnetic Covers for Second Gen iPad

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Along with the second generation iPad, Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced new covers for the multimedia tablet during a special media event on Wednesday. The new cover is called the Smart Case and protects the iPad’s glass when closed, and folds back to act as a stand for the tablet, too.

Smart Cover for iPadApple’s new Smart Cover

The Smart Case attaches to the iPad with magnets, and automatically wakes or sleeps the tablet when it’s opened or closed, according to media outlets at the event. It is available in polyurethane or leather with a microfiber lining that cleans the iPad display, and is available in five colors for each cover material.

Smart Cover openSmart Cover works as a stand, too

Apple priced the polyurethane cover at US$39, and the leather version costs $69.



ZAGG still has a better solution, seems to me, w/ the ZAGGmate’s aluminum shell bundled w/ a wireless keyboard. Is the new iPad the same size as the old one? If not, ZAGG will need to re-tool for iPad2.


Different thickness. Width and height appear to be the same.


According to your link, its called “Smart Cover” not Smart Case.


They should make a hard cover with a physical keyboard that holds the iPad at a good reading angle on your lap or desk.


The dimensions of the iPad2 are 9.5 x 7.31 x 0.34, which is slightly smaller than the iPad1 in every dimension (.06 x .16 x .18).


Check out the legal disclaimer on the Apple website, which also appears at the end of the iPad2 Video on the site. It warns the colour may rub off the covers. Just what you want on a device you’ll tend to tuck under your arm against a white business shirt.


It warns the colour may rub off the covers.

No problem, Steve says. Just buy a cover for every color of shirt you have. wink

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