Apple Intros New Mac Ads During Olympics

Apple unveiled three new Mac commercials during the opening ceremonies for the 2012 Olympics in London over the weekend. The ads use a different style compared to recent Apple commercials and use an Apple Genius in different situations showing off Mac features.

Apple uses a Genius to show off the Mac in new adsApple uses a Genius to show off the Mac in new ads

The first commercial, “Mayday,” has the Genius on an airplane helping a passenger with iMovie. The second, “Basically,” has the Genius explaining to someone that the Mac knock off he bought really isn’t the same as a real Mac. The third, “Labor Day,” puts the intrepid Genius in a position where he explains to a father-to-be how to make iPhoto albums and books while his wife is in labor.

Instead of relying on celebrities, the new commercials use unknown actors in humorous situations to show off Mac and Apple software features. The last time Apple used TV advertising to promote the Mac was during its “Get a Mac” campaign with John Hodgman and Justin Long.

All three of the ads are available for viewing at the Apple website.