Apple iOS & Android Gain Share in June, iPhone Gains on Samsung

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Apple’s iPhone gained share against Samsung in terms of total U.S. cell phone usage during the month of June, according to research firm comScore. The company’s data also showed iOS and Android gaining share in smartphone usage against all other platforms.

ComScore measures market share in terms of total subscribers, which is an entirely different beast from the way IDC or Gartner measure and report share. Subscribers include all devices in use, a subset of cumulative sales-to-date. IDC and Gartner typically report only on new sales, a number that excludes all prior sales.

Looking first at U.S. subscribers in the three months ending in June broken down by hardware maker (see below), comScore reported that Apple’s iPhone had 15.4 percent of market, up from 14 percent in the three months ending in March. Samsung had 25.6 percent of the market, down from 26 percent, but easily maintaining its #1 status as the top cell phone maker.

LG was second, with 18.8 percent, down from 19.3 percent, also easily beating third place Apple. Motorola lost share, going from 12.8 percent in the three months ending in March to 11.7 percent in the three months ending in June. HTC gained share, rising from 6 percent to 6.4 percent.

Please note that these numbers are for all cell phones, including both smartphones and feature phones. While Apple competes in “cell phones” with just the iPhone, all four of the other top five manufacturers make scores of smartphones and feature phones.

comScore Chart

Chart by The Mac Observer from data by comScore

The report also broke down subscribers by smartphone platform, another area where Apple’s iPhone gained on its competitors. While Android and iPhone both gained share, Apple gained more share than Android, rising from 30.7 percent of smartphone subscribers to 32.4 percent. Android rose from 51 percent to 51.6 percent.

comScore Chart

Chart by The Mac Observer from data by comScore

On Monday, Strategy Analytics reported that Apple’s share of the market was 33 percent, very close to comScore’s numbers, but Google’s Android platform came in with 56 percent of the market. That’s higher than comScore’s measure of subscribers. That report also showed iPhone taking share away from Android.

ComScore’s report was based on a survey of 30,000 mobile subscribers in U.S. Based on that survey, the company said that 110 million people in the U.S. owned a smartphone during the three months ending in June.

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