Apple: iPad Not Carrier Locked in Japan

Apple finally commented on reports that the 3G-capable iPad will be locked to a single carrier in Japan to say that isn’t actually the case. Instead, only Softbank will offer a 3G data plan for the multimedia tablet in Japan, but users can subscribe to other carrier packages if they take their iPad outside of the country, according to the Wall Street Journal.

When Apple introduced the iPad in January, the company said that models supporting 3G wireless data connections wouldn’t be locked to specific carriers so users would have the freedom to choose the carrier and data plan they want.

In Japan, however, it looks like customers will still be limited to using the plans Softbank offers because NTT DoCoMo won’t be offering any iPad data packages. When traveling outside Japan, users will be free to purchase SIM cards from other carriers so they won’t have to pay expensive roaming charges.

The clarification is also good news for iPad owners traveling to Japan since they can use Softbank’s SIM cards in their tablets, too.